Incheon Cosmetics co-brand ‘OULL’ 6 billion won exclusive distributor contract


Signed business agreement with OBS broadcasting station


2018 In China Beauty Awards & Trends

2017.02 USD 42 million export contract


Shanghai Yonggo Group

  10,000 staff visits per year incentive tours and

A matching company for educational programs

2017.02 Brand Model Selection

 3rd generation model Park Se-young


Business agreement signed with government agencies, companies and universities

Development of new materials and exchange of technical information

2016.11 Signed a business agreement with Ara Studio

Marketing collaboration dedicated to Hallyu

  60 programs per year for studio photography

2016.11 Export contract signed

Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam


Qoo10 (e-commerce)

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan

2016.11 New product launch show

  More than 300 people including the market, brand models, and buyers attended

20 items and 29 product launches

2016.11 1 million dollar export contract signed

  Chongqing Trade Limited

  $1 million order (first order quantity)

  government run company

  Asset size: $9 billion


2016.11 China (Weihai) branch established

   Incheon office location exhibition hall

  Officer dispatched in cooperation with Incheon City

2016.08 Awarded the No. 1 brand in consumer evaluation


Host: JoongAng Ilbo

Relevant government agencies Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Energy

  Awarded for 2 consecutive years

2016.04 President of Incheon Tourism Development Association

Incheon Tourism Promotion Division, Incheon Tourism Organization, local duty free shops, etc.

Tourism content company

2016.02 Signed MOU with Gachon University

Gachon Medical Foundation

  Annex UNIV

Exchange of new material development technology information

2016.02 Brand model selection

 2nd model Kyung Soo-jin

A promising rookie actor born in Incheon

"I'm shopping" sold out during home shopping broadcast

2015.12 Singapore export contract

  Enter the market through department stores and drug stores

2015.11 Signed MOU for export with SM Group in the Philippines

Entered department stores (SM mall)

2015.11 Dahanjia e-commerce contract signed

Dahanjia contract with the mayor of both cities

2015.11 Activities in China

Incheon Market Promotes "OULL" in China

Incheon Market presents "OULL" cosmetics to Zimo, the Chinese market

2015.09 2015 Consumer Power Hit Award Grand Prize

Hosted by: Digital Chosun Ilbo

Sponsorship: National Intellectual Property Committee belonging to the President, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Chosun Ilbo

2015.09 Open a store in Qingdao 

about 15 pyeong

  Location in Qingdao Department Store

2015.08 Beauty Industry Development Council held

Expert Group Committee to Accelerate the "OULL" Project

2015.07 Selected as a creative economy innovation model

  Report to former President Park Geun-hye as an excellent project for local governments

2015.04 Open at OULL Wolmee Store 

 about 200 pyeong

  More than 3000 foreign visitors per month

  OULL exhibition hall operation

  famous beauty tourism content

2015.01 As an excellent brand for local governments

Introduction to KBS 9 o'clock news

2014.12 Achieved USD 700,000 export

China export

Achieved within 2 months of launch

2014.10 Brand Model Selection

1st model Han Chae-ah

2014.10 Launch Show

  About 200 people including Incheon Mayor, Deputy Mayor of Handan City, Chinese government, and brand models attended

  24 items and 48 product launches

2014.02 Brand development

Exhibitor selection

  product selection

  Development concept and design

2012.11 Opened Heutique store

Establishment of Korea's first local government cosmetics sales center

Oul's predecessor